Ghouls Gold Slots

Online casino enthusiasts in search of some hot action on the reels will be excited to learn that the Ghouls Gold Slot game features plenty of chances to win, a unique format and even a pretty good bonus round for a 3-reel game. Developer Betsoft has been producing casino games since 1999, and the company is well-known for its delightful themes, cinematic, 3D graphics and its original, fantastic bonus content.

Playing a Demo of the Game

Ghouls Gold Slots offers gamblers the chance to check out the fun on the reels without registering at an online casino or even spending any of their own money. Available for fun play on the Betsoft website, a host of third-party web pages and as a “practice play” option in a wide range of casinos that feature the developer’s software.

A Horror Theme With a Friendly Twist

Loosely classified as a part of the horror genre of online slots, players will find that the ghosts on the reels in Ghouls Gold are somewhat friendly looking; perhaps not as friendly as Casper, but the developer did a nice job of creating an attractive symbol set. Among the regular icons on the reels, gamblers will find Bats in the Moonlight, a Brown Bag of Money, a Bubbling Cauldron, a Haunted House, the Red Candle, and both a Green and a Yellow Seven. Special symbols include the Brown Jackpot Bag, which could trigger the progressive, as well as the Ghost that serves as the trigger for the bonus round. Finally, the Stacks of Gold Coins serve as the wild symbol in Ghouls Gold; this special icon can be used as a substitute for any symbol needed complete a payline win with the exception of scatter and jackpot icons.

Attractively and Uniquely Designed

While most 3-reel slots take a standard approach to gameplay, Ghouls Gold is one that players will definitely find interesting. The graphics in the slot are simple and clean, and users will be pleased with the fact that they can score big wins in this little game. More importantly, however, is the fact that gamblers will see three sets of three reels when they load Ghouls Gold. Initially, only the bottom reel will spin, and players may choose to hold one, two or three of the symbols they see there. After holds are selected, gamblers will see copies of held symbols appear in the same reel spots above the originals; the game will then respin the reels in order to create not just one, but two or three winning combinations. This is particularly useful in the case of the bonus symbol, as multiple wins could result in more time to play the game’s special feature. Users who receive three identical symbols on the bottom reel will want to hold all three, as this will result in all three sets of three reels offering the same win in triplicate; this is a fantastic way to score huge payouts for the luckiest players.

Ghouls Gold Slots: How the Game is Classified

Ghouls Gold is a 3-reel, classic progressive game that allows gamblers quite a bit of flexibility in regard to wagering options. While many classic slots do not feature bonus rounds, this fantastic piece of entertainment created by Betsoft provides players with the chance to cash in on a click-to-win special round.

Placing Bets on the Game

The betting choices in Ghouls Gold are both wide-ranging and straightforward. Coin sizes that fall between $0.02 and $1.00 are available, and players may place up to 5 coins on each of the title’s three paylines. We always encourage our readers to wager the full five coins in the game, even if they need to reduce their coin size to do so; following this logic, gamblers can look forward to wagering anywhere from $0.30 to $15 with each spin of the reels. Such flexible betting choices make the game accessible to players with nearly any entertainment budget.

Paylines and the Paytable

There are three paylines in Ghouls Gold; unlike most 3-payline titles, however, those lines are not stretched across a single set of reels. Instead, gamblers will find that each the three sets of three reels have are associated with a single payline; this creative approach makes the Ghouls Gold that much more interesting. The paytable may be accessed by clicking “View Payout” on the top, left-hand side of the game screen. Once opened, the paytable will provide lots of useful information, including that which identifies the special symbols in the game. Perhaps the feature that makes this particular paytable even more helpful is the selector that allows players to see exactly what they’ll receive in terms of payouts based on how many coins they choose to wager per line. Among the regular wins in the game, gamblers who have bet one, two, three, four or five coins per payline will find that three Haunted House symbols on a line will offer the title’s largest payout of 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 coins, respectively.

Triggering and Playing the Bonus Feature

Unlike most 3-reel games, Betsoft’s Ghouls Gold offer players the chance to cash in on a pretty exciting bonus feature. While the game does not offer free spins, those gamblers who manage to land, through holds or natural spins, three bonus Ghost Logos will see the round start. After clicking “Start,” players will have 8, 16 or 24 seconds, depending on whether bonus icons covered one, two or three sets of single-payline reels, respectively, to click on as many ghosts as possible. Ghosts appear in various colors, including green, white, yellow and purple, and each will be associated with a coin value; remember that the more ghosts click, the higher the win.

The RTP and Rating of Ghouls Gold Slots

Online gamblers who find themselves wondering what the RTP, also known as the return-to-player, is in Ghouls Gold will be excited to find out that the title comes in at roughly 96 percent. Simply put, the RTP represents an average of how much money is returned to players out of the total bets placed on the game. All gamers should remember to gamble responsibly, as this number is not representative of how much of their own money will be won back while playing the game. Slot ratings for Ghouls Gold were also interesting, as players and reviewers alike gave the title both high and low scores; on average, however, the game received a rating of 7 on a 10-point scale. Similarly, Ghouls Gold Slot has earned just 1 out of 10 in terms of popularity among players.

Cash and Fun Play are Both Available

Online casino enthusiasts who are ready to start spinning the reels in Ghouls Gold have already determined that they can do so for both real money or fun. Regardless of whether gamers opt to cash in on the fun for prizes or simply for entertainment, they’re certain to love the opportunity to hold reels to generate wins; players will also be pleased with the fact that the bonus round in the game is fairly easy to trigger, making this game a total win for both real-money and fun-money users.

Betsoft and Mobile Gaming

While not all of Betsoft’s games are available on the mobile platform, many of them are. In fact, the Betsoft Shift Platform brings 21st Century, 3D, cinematic graphics to life, moving between seamlessly between instant play, mobile play and even downloadable casino content. In fact, the company has even begun work on transferring older games to the Shift Platform, making them available in every way through HTML5. Don’t miss your chance to cash in on the fun available for gamblers who play with Betsoft, mobile or otherwise.

Ghouls Gold and Big Winners

While there have been several moderate-to-large wins generated from gamblers who choose to spin the reels in Ghouls Gold, actual reports including numbers are pretty thin on the ground. That said, we decided to test the winning potential in the game by spinning the reels 30 times. During those 30 spins, we managed to score 24 regular wins that ranged in size from 5 to 75 coins. We also triggered the bonus round twice, including on the very first spin we took; this suggests that a thoughtful approach to holding the reels could result in more wins and more chances to play in the bonus round. Don’t miss your chance to spin the reels in Ghouls Gold Slots from Betsoft.