Almighty Dollar Slots

Online casino software developer, Rival Gaming, has been producing quality titles that gamblers love since the company’s inception in 2005. Offering an excellent selection of casino games that provide gamblers with a host of different themes, features and chances to win, Rival has truly embraced what it means to be a developer in today’s online casino market. Perhaps the most important thing for users to know about Rival is the fact that its conversion to HTML5 has made it possible for gamblers to enjoy a versatile, cross-platform entertainment experience in Almighty Dollar Slots and every other title in the company’s portfolio.

Cashing in on Almighty Dollar Demo Play

Gamblers who like to find out everything they can about a slot before wagering real money on the hobby will be excited to learn that they can connect to demo play in a variety of different ways. For instance, the Rival Gaming website features the game, and users can look forward to finding a demo version on a number of third-party websites. Of course, players will also be able to access Almighty Dollar Slots at many Rival-powered casinos; gamblers can often “Practice Play” for free without having to register or make a deposit until they are ready to do so.

On the Wings of an Angel

The theme on the reels in Almighty Dollar Slots features symbols that perfectly depict the human ideation of a heavenly experience. Located in an animated heaven and offering icons that depict both male and female angels, winged lions, harps, halos and somewhat more traditional symbols like the free spins icon, sevens and the 3x multiplier symbol, gamblers can look forward to cashing in on plenty of casino fun in a most heavenly fashion.

Design Plans From on High

While it certainly isn’t true that the design of Almighty Dollar Slots came from above, Rival should certainly receive divine accolades for the effort put into creating the game. Offering a clean, easy-to-view interface that manages to evade the garish, overdone look of some similarly themed slot titles, Almighty Dollar is far from becoming an eyesore. In fact, users who find themselves in search of a great slot that features little in the way of gaudy flash are likely to be pleased with what they find on the reels in Almighty Dollar Slots. That said, Rival has more visually pleasing titles than this one, but Almighty Dollar definitely holds its own.

An Introduction to Classic Slots

Finding great entertainment on the reels is possibly in a wide variety of different games, but gamblers looking for their chance to go back to the days of traditional casino entertainment will be particularly excited by what they find in Almighty Dollar. Offering gamblers just three reels, this exciting, classic title still makes it possible for players to score an opportunity to land big wins in a bonus round.

Paylines in Almighty Dollar Slots

Unlike many of the 3-reel slot games that gamblers encounter, Almighty Dollar features more than one or three paylines. By breaking from tradition and creating a title that is played across five lines, Rival has made it possible for gamblers to chase bigger wins without compromising on the simplicity of a conventional game. While players have the choice to cover any number of lines between one and five, we advise gamblers to wager on each and every payline to maximize the potential of a big win on the reels; even if it means using a smaller coin size, playing each line is always advisable.

Making Those Heavenly Wagers

Many 3-reel slots don’t offer users the chance to make many choices when it comes to placing bets, but that’s simply not the case in Almighty Dollar Slots. Gamblers will need to select a coin size that falls between $0.01 and $5.00; they’ll also need to choose how many paylines to cover and how many coins to place on each of these lines. With five paylines and the option of wagering up to three coins per line, the maximum bet in the game is $75 per spin; however, gamblers covering five lines at three coins each can also wager as little as $0.15 per spin. Clearly, Rival did a fantastic job of providing gamblers with plenty of betting options in Almighty Dollar Slots.

Viewing the Paytable

The paytable in Almighty Dollar Slots is found to the left of the reels and is visible at all times; gamblers will never have to venture away from the main game screen in order to take a look at the specifics of payline wins in the titles. As demonstrated on the paytable, landing three of the 3x wild symbols in the game will offer gamblers a payout of 150, 300 or 450 coins depending on whether they’re playing one, two or three coins, respectively. The next-highest payout in the game comes when gamblers bet one, two or three coins on a spin and land three sevens on a line; this offers a nice 15. 30 or 45-coin payout, respectively. Additional information, including that which describes the bonus feature in Almighty Dollar, can be easily accessed by simply looking to the left when spinning the reels.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

Although most 3-reel slot games do not feature a bonus round, this simply isn’t the case in Almighty Dollar. Trigger the feature on the 3x3 set of reels occurs when gamblers manage to land two or three scattered Free Spins symbols; this will offer the player either 7 or 21 free games, respectively. While the jury is still out on whether the feature can be retriggered, we do know that players will receive a 3x multiplier on all free games that generate a prize. This special round is an amazing way to cash in on some extra prizes in a traditional-style slot title.

Almighty Dollar RTP and Ratings

The RTP, formally known as the return-to-player, in any slot is the amount that a gambler can expect a title to return in the form of payouts in any slot game. The most important thing to remember about such numbers, however, is the fact that they’re averages. For instance, the RTP in Almighty Dollar is 94.35 percent, which suggests that gamblers will see a return of $94.35 for every $100 wagered; however, these numbers are applied across ALL slot wagers and wins, not just those of an individual user. For those in search of slightly more in-depth information about Almighty Dollar, it’s considered to be a game with high volatility; this simply means that while the game may have fewer winning spins, it also tends to create higher-than-average wins when it hits.

With a popularity level that comes in at 9 on a 10 point scale, it’s clear to that gamblers absolutely love this title. However, those savvy players are probably wondering where Almighty Dollar falls on official scales. Our research indicates that many reviewers are pleased with the payouts and bonus potential in this game, although they seem to collectively feel as though the company could have done a somewhat better job on the graphics. That aside, however, players will be pleased with the great entertainment value in Almighty Dollar Slots.

Almighty Dollar: Bigger, Fewer Wins

As previously mentioned, Almighty Dollar Slots is a game with high volatility; this is demonstrated in the series of test spins we completed. Our parameters for the test spins included a coin size of $0.10; we also wagered three coins per line on all five paylines. Our starting bankroll was $2,000. The total bet came in at $1.50 per spin or $37.50 per 25 spins.
  • The first set of 25 spins saw several wins, with the largest coming in at $9.00 and $5.40; the total value of the wins in the first set totalled more than $30, and the bankroll was at $1,994 heading into the 26th spin.
  • The second set of 25 spins also had a few notable wins; $5.40 and $9.00 were again the biggest values awarded, and we noticed an interesting trend that appeared to award several wins in a row as opposed to the more sporadic patterns found in other Rival games. Wins in the second set of 25 spins came in at slightly more than $35, and the bankroll at the beginning of the 51st spin was again right around 1,994.
  • The third set of 25 spins offered less total wins, although only by about $1.00; however, breaking with the high volatility trend, we saw this round offer several smaller wins that were spread a bit more evenly throughout the set. The highest wins on the third set of spins came in at $9.00 and $8.10. The bankroll at the beginning of the 76th spin was lower than in previous entries, coming in at $1,980.
  • Finally, the final set of 25 spins repeated the patterns we noticed early in our experiment. While the maximum wins were still rather large given the bet size, they were once again bigger and fewer than we’ve seen in other games. At the end of the 100th spin, our bankroll was back up to $1,993.10; this number comes in at just slightly higher than that which is represented in the RTP, proving that the figure really is sometimes more and other times less. During 100 spins, the wild completed many wins, applying the 3x multiplier when it did; however, we did not trigger the free games feature during those spins.

Playing for Kicks or for Cash

The beauty of a game like Almighty Dollar Slots lies in the fact that it can be enjoyed for fun or for real money. While gamblers looking for cash play can enjoy it at legal casinos featuring Rival games in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, players from virtually anywhere can score big fun by checking out the demo version of the game. From the developer’s own website to those casinos that allow registration-free practice play, “For Fun” users can cash in on Almighty Dollars in a variety of safe ways.

Taking it to the Mobile Platform

Thanks to the convenience and versatility of HTML5, Rival players can look forward to taking Almighty Dollar and their other favorite games on the go; by making its entire portfolio available to mobile users, gamblers who wish to cash in on the joy of literally playing anywhere will have the opportunity to do so. Almighty Dollar and all other Rival titles can be accessed as downloadable content, instant play games or in the mobile format for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.