Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

Good Girl Bad Girl Slots
The online casino software developer, Betsoft, has been bringing incredible games to life since its launch in 1999. 2019 marks the 20-year anniversary of the studio, although it was 2009 before the company truly began receiving the notoriety that it enjoys today. Responsible for some of the most fantastically unforgettable games on the market and deeply dedicated to offering not only 3D graphics and innovative gameplay but a virtually inexhaustible range of themes that delight players around the globe, Betsoft is poised to go down in history as one of the most influential developers to ever leave its mark on the industry. Among the remarkable titles Betsoft brings to the table is Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots; just one of the many games that demonstrates the company’s versatility, this 2014 slot release was one of the first to allow gamblers to choose the course of their entertainment experience.

Playing the Good Girl, Bad Girl Demo

Some online casino players, along with those who are simply curious about how web-based slot play works, like to check out demo versions of the games they think they’ll enjoy. Those in search of options when it comes to a demo version of Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots will be excited to learn that there are plenty of third-party websites, a host of Betsoft-powered casinos and the developer’s own webpage allow gamblers to cash in, free of charge, on the awesome action found on the reels of this remarkable game.

A Unique Twist to Fantasy-Themed Slot Play

Everyone has encountered a scene on the big screen or a television show that shows an angelic version of a character on one shoulder while a devilish version appears on the other, and that is basically the theme found on the reels of Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots. The angel-devil theme in the game allows gamblers to choose whether they would prefer to play as the good girl or her ever-so-naughty counterpart, which will be more fully explained in the next paragraph. That said, gamblers should know that the symbol set in Good Girl, Bad Girl includes icons like the good and bad cats, the good and bad girls, halos, pitchforks and playing card symbols 10 through ace.

Design: Beyond the Graphics

While there are elements of slot design that go beyond the graphics in any game, that which is present in Good Girl, Bad Girl both eschews the norm and provides gamblers with the chance to experience a completely original style of gameplay by selecting between the Good and the Bad; this affects not just the outcome of the game but the risk involved in its play. Those who opt to play in Good Mode will find the Good Girl Features, wins that pay left-to-right and a somewhat less risky gameplay. Players who like to take the occasional walk on the wild side will see their wins pay right-to-left, enjoy the features of the Bad Girl and see higher-risk gameplay in addition to the potential for larger rewards when those risks pay off. Users who simply cannot choose between the Good Girl and her less-angelic partner can look forward to doubling their bet in exchange for twice the paylines, wins that pay both left-to-right and right-to-left and the features associated with both Good and Bad Modes. Aside from the unique gameplay design, the graphical design of the game is impeccable. Gamblers will find reels floating in an unearthly background with the Good Girl floating on one side and the Bad Girl floating on the other. Winning paylines are animated, allowing the symbols to pop out and be easily identified by the gambler.

Classifying the Game Type

Online casino enthusiasts who are familiar with the fun on the reels from titles created by various developers will be excited to learn that in Good Girl, Bad Girl, Betsoft has provided them with a 5-reel bonus slot that features the company’s trademark 3D graphics. Considering the massive wins up for grabs, the fact that the game’s progressive jackpot is only available as a part of a special feature in no way detracts from its appeal.

Play 15 or 30 Paylines in Good Girl, Bad Girl

While there are plenty of slots out there that allow gamers to select one or more paylines, the situation is somewhat different in Good Girl, Bad Girl. Although players may choose to cover 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 or 15 lines in the title, those who are interested in playing in both Good and Bad Modes at the same time will double their bet in order to double the paylines. While playing both modes at once, users may still choose how many lines on which to wager, but the number will be immediately doubled; for example, gamblers who take our advice and cover all lines in the game will see 15 paylines become 30. In exchange for the increased wager, gamblers playing in both Good and Bad Modes will enjoy both left-to-right and right-to-left payline wins. The indicator for selecting Good Mode, Bad Mode or both may be found directly below the reels.

Wagering on the Slot

There are a variety of coin sizes available in Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots; ranging from $0.02 to $1.00 and providing gamblers with the opportunity to bet between one and five coins per payline makes the game a great opportunity for both budget slot enthusiasts and those who consider themselves to be high rollers. At the maximum wager, gamblers will spend up to $75 for Good or Bad Modes, whereas who are playing both can bet up to $150 on each spin of the reels. Of course, much, much lower wagers are also available.

Understanding the Paytable

The paytable in Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots can be accessed above the reels, and it contains a multitude of useful information, including standard payline wins, details on the bonus rounds, rules of the game and a help section. Among the more important details are the payouts for three, four or five girls; this type of winning combination will pay 100, 450 or 1,800 coins, respectively, while the good and bad cats offer the second-highest payouts of 50, 225 or 900 coins for three, four or five of the symbols, respectively. The Halo and Pitchfork icons are considered special wilds, as they conceal a hidden multiplier. Players in Good Mode will see the Halo symbols on reels one, two and three, and these icons will reveal multipliers that are valued at 1x or 2x; those playing in Bad Mode will find Pitchfork symbols on reels three, four and five, and these will conceal multipliers ranging from 1x to 4x. Finally, players should know that three, four or five blue, good wilds will score them a prize of 150, 750 or 2,500 coins, respectively, while those in Bad Mode will receive a payout of 150, 750 or 5,000 coins for three, four or five red, bad wilds, respectively.

Multiple Bonus Rounds Available in Good Girl, Bad Girl

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots features three distinct bonus rounds, and these could result in some serious cash prizes for players who manage to take full advantage of these features. Described here are details on the Click Me round, the Money Wheel bonus and the Gamble feature.
  • Triggering the Click Me bonus requires players to land Halo and Pitchfork symbols side-by-side on the reels. Once launched, this gamblers in Good Mode will see four gold and white gift boxes just waiting to be unwrapped; the glowing gifts are concealing a small or medium win, while the regular gift boxes are holding a big win and a “Collect” logo. Gamblers in Bad Mode will find their small and medium wins in the non-glowing boxes, while those that are illuminated contain the big win and the other “Collect” logo. Regardless of whether players are enjoying Good Mode or Bad Mode, strategic planning and a little bit of luck could leave gamblers with all three prizes.
  • The Money Wheel feature is the real bonus round in Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots, and it’s pretty incredible. Triggered by spinning a Money Wheel icon anywhere on reels one, three and five, players will have the chance to again play for the prizes associated with Good or Bad Mode; once initiated, either mode could award instant coins, free spins or a chance to take a run at the progressive jackpot.
  • The final special round is the Gamble feature, and it’s available to those who choose to play after any win during a regular, non-bonus payline prize. This Gamble feature functions much like those that players have encountered in other slots, but there is definitely a Good Girl, Bad Girl twist to the action. Instead of simply choosing heads or tails, players will select the girl they think will win; then the ladies spin a coin on a cloud, and those who made the right selection will be receive double the payout. Regardless of whether gamblers win or lose, the expressive looks on the girls’ faces make the round worth it.

The RTP and Rating of the Game

The return-to-player, commonly referred to as the RTP, is 97.8 percent in Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots. Gamblers should know that while the RTP refers to the percentage of all wagers that will be returned to the player in the form of payouts. While this high number looks pretty good, it’s also an aggregate; simply put, the RTP looks at Good Girl, Bad Girl bets as a whole, not as the amount that will be returned to the individual gamer spinning the reels. Slot players have rated Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots highly since its release in 2014; while the popularity of the game is currently quite low, it rises and falls as gamblers revisit it time and time again. In terms of how reviewers have rated the title in terms of graphics, gameplay and bonus features, many websites give it high marks; with ratings that come in between 8 out of 10 and 10 out of 10, it’s fair to say that the title is definitely worth the wager.

Play for Fun or Real Cash Prizes

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots is the perfect game for both those who enjoy spinning the reels for the joy of doing so and for those who like to place bets that could result in real cash prizes. As mentioned above, the demo version of the title is available in several different places online, including the Betsoft website, and those who want to place cash bets can do so at a wide range of reputable casinos powered by the developer. Regardless of how gamblers choose to play, they’re in for a great time.

Wins on the Go

There are plenty of decisions to be made by gamblers who spin the reels in Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots, including the one that determines the platform they choose when it comes to accessing the game. While available in other formats, Good Girl, Bad Girl players can also look forward to taking their entertainment on the go with their favorite mobile device. Regardless of where girls or guys go, Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots can join the party with an internet connection and an Android or iOS device.

Huge Wins Reported on Good Girl, Bad Girl

Online casino enthusiasts who have played Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots for real money have reported some astronomical wins in the game. While some big wins come in at around 750,000, other users have scored prizes as large as 1.7 million coin payouts. When you’re ready to take your turn at attempted land a major payout, head to your favorite Betsoft-powered casino to get started in this remarkable game.