Candy Cottage Slots

Online casino players in search of an intriguing, creatively designed slot won’t want to miss the fun on the reels in Candy Cottage Slots. While certainly available for real-money wagering, gamblers who like to experience games before placing a real bet on the game will be excited to learn that they can easily, conveniently play the Candy Cottage demo. Head to the Rival website, a third-party page that offers the game or your favorite online casino for your chance to cash in on the fun.

Rival Gaming: An Introduction

While inexperienced casino enthusiasts rarely stop to think about how their games are created, every slot and table title out there has to have been generated by one studio or another. There are an incredible number of developers available today, including the designers of Candy Cottage Slots. Rival, released in the mid-2000s, is just one of many developers that originated in Canada, and the company’s games are of the highest quality. Although Rival may not pack quite as much of a punch as other prolific developers, the studio still offers a wide range of entertaining, exciting games that players love.

Candy Cottage Features Hansel and Gretel

Slot enthusiasts who loved hearing a good fairytale as children will be pleased to discover that Rival’s Candy Cottage Slots is an amazing opportunity to cash in on prizes while revisiting Hansel and Gretel. This great theme is an awesome throwback to a time of innocence for gamblers...even as they place wagers and score those enticing wins.

A Fabulously Fun Design

Rival did a nice job creating Candy Cottage Slots; from the vivid, eye-catching screen that holds the reels to the easily identifiable characters in the game, the design of the game suggests a great deal of planning and attention to detail. The symbol set in Candy Cottage Slots boasts a wide range of theme-appropriate icons, including Hansel, Gretel, the Witch, a Duck, Candy, a Chocolate Bar and Cakes alongside those special symbols that help gamblers reach some of the most exciting features found in the title; for instance, the Witch is wild, an Oven serves as an expanding wild that appears only on the third reel, the Gingerbread House is the trigger to the free spins feature and the Cage is the bonus symbol that triggers a fun round. In addition to the incredible tasty design of the game screen and symbols, players will love the fact that the standard playing card icons that are often included in slots are not present in Candy Cottage.

Classifying Candy Cottag


Players in search of a 5-reel, bonus video slot that packs in plenty of winning potential will find that Candy Cottage Slots fits the bill. The game also features a couple of bonus rounds, easy, flexible betting and much more.

Wagering on 20 Paylines

Rival’s Candy Cottage Slots offers 20 paylines, and readers are advised to cover each and every one of them. Betting on every payline in a game, even if it means reducing the coin size, is the best way maximize the odds of large and small wins when playing slots.

Candy Cottage Specifics Found in the Paytable

The paytable in Candy Cottage Slots can be found by clicking or tapping either “Paytable” logo found above the reels one both the right and left sides. Gamblers have come to expect the paytable in a slot game to provide them with information regarding the prizes for normal payline wins, details on the bonus and free spins features, the rules of the game and betways available; as readers have probably deduced, these important bits of information are all present on the paytable in Candy Cottage Slots. Online casino enthusiasts will find that the largest payout in Candy Cottage is generated when they land three, four or five wild Witch symbols on a line; this provides gamblers with a nice little jackpot of 50, 500 or 2,500 coins, respectively.

Placing Real-Money Wagers in the Game

Regardless of whether players consider themselves to be penny slot players or they like to bet large, the wagering choices in Candy Cottage Slots can accommodate virtually anyone. Coin sizes in the game range from $0.01 to $0.25, and players may bet 10 coins on each of the title’s 20 paylines. Players who opt to wager 10 coins on all of the game’s lines can plan to spend somewhere between $2.00 and $50 per spin on Candy Cottage Slots. Keep in mind that the coin size is not nearly as important as betting 10 coins on all of the paylines available.

Free Spins and the Candy Cottage Bonus Round

  • The Free Spins Feature in Candy Cottage Slots is triggered when users manage to land three, four or five Gingerbread Houses on an active payline. Once launched, players can look forward to 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier on any wins accumulated during the feature. While notoriously difficult to trigger, this round could add up to some pretty nice prizes for gamblers who manage to score the correct combinations of symbols while playing it.
  • Unlike some slot games, players who trigger the Free Spins Feature don’t have to worry about it being the only feature that they will encounter while spinning the reels. The bonus round is initiated when players see three Cage icons on the game screen; once launched, this creative round will allow gamblers to move Hansel around the screen in order to catch treats falling from above. At the end of the round, players will see the total of each sweet that they helped Hansel catch, and the wins will then be applied to gamblers’ credit balance.

Understanding a Slot’s RTP

The RTP, or return-to-player, in a slot game is the percentage of wins returned to users in the form of payouts out of all monies wagered on the title. For instance, the RTP in Candy Cottage Slots is 93.7 percent, which means that the game will return roughly $93.70 out of every $100 wagered on the game. While this sounds pretty good to inexperienced players, veteran gamblers know that this number refers to all wagers make in Candy Cottage rather than the bets placed by individual users.

Candy Cottage Slot Ratings

When casino players hear the term, “rating” in regard to a slot title, they are generally going hear about what a specific publication or website thinks of the game as a whole. Compiled from a variety of online sources, gamblers curious about the rating for Candy Cottage will find that it falls somewhere between 50 and 70 out of 100; while these numbers are somewhat low, users should check out the game for themselves. Ratings typically address graphics, gameplay, bonus rounds, winning potential and other factors.

Play for Fun or for Money

Slot players who like the idea of spinning the reels in Candy Cottage just for fun are in luck, as there are a large variety of options when it comes to free play; this is exciting for both gamblers who like to assess a game before placing a wager and those who simply like to play just for fun. Of course, as we’ve already mentioned, Candy Cottage can also be played for real cash, which is great for those users who like to wager, spin and win. Either way, gamers who opt to spin the reels in Candy Cottage Slots are sure to be pleased with their options.

Mobile Play is Available

The early days of mobile slot play left gamblers struggling to find titles available in this format, but thankfully, those days are over. Like many slot games from Rival and other developers, gamblers spinning the reels in Candy Cottage Slots can look forward to experiencing the game on the go; as long as users have a compatible Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and a good internet connection via wifi or mobile data, they can play anywhere they wish.

A Winning Experiment

While gamblers often hear stories of massive wins on the slots that they already play, accurate information regarding typical wins can be hard to find. In light of this fact, we conducted an experiment to determine just what can happen in the space of 100 spins in Candy Cottage Slots. In order to best understand this data, players should know that we used a coin size of $0.01 on all 20 paylines; we also wagered 10 coins per line and started our 100 spins with a bankroll of $2,000. Most payline wins were quite small, ranging from a mere $0.40 on up. The most notable payouts occurred on the 44th, 87th and 96th spins and came in at $6.00, $10.60 and $4.00, respectively. At the halfway point, upon the completion of the 50th spin, our bankroll had dropped to $1,927, and we triggered neither the free spins feature nor the bonus round. While this was our experience, gamblers are encouraged to spin the reels in Candy Cottage for themselves, as slots offer no certainties in regard to wins and losses. Even without massive wins, the theme, features, and design of Candy Cottage Slots makes the Rival title one worth playing.