Bowled Over Slots

Online casino enthusiasts who like to spend their free time knocking down pins won’t want to miss the exciting Bowled Over Slots from developer Rival; founded in 2006 and featuring more than 260 slot and casino games, Rival has a long, strong history of providing gamblers with entertainment that they love. Rival’s biggest claim to fame as the series known as i-Slots, which function like typical, on-reel entertainment that follows a storyline; much like a soap opera and often featuring one or more sequels after an original, i-Slots are appeal to those gamers who prefer to stick with the same theme, characters and style in their slots.

Playing the Bowled Over Demo

While there are certainly plenty of opportunities for gamblers inside and outside of the United States to play Bowled Over Slots for real money, those who are just curious about the game and how to operates can cash in on a demo version in multiple places online. Whether spinning the reels directly on the Rival website or playing a demo on a third-party site, gamers who are looking for some fast, fun and free action in Bowled Over will have plenty of chances to play simply because the love the game.

Yes, Bowling is a Sport

Classified as a sports game, Bowled Over takes players right into the alley setting that so many people have come to love over the years. The reels in the game are designed to look like five side-by-side lanes, and the features a muted, though attractive, color scheme. Overall, the bowling and athletic theme of the game are great for those unconventional sports fans out there.

Detailed Design and a Great Symbol Set

A certain amount of care went into the design of Bowled Over Slots, and this is obvious when gamblers encounter small details like lines on the lanes, stitches on the bowling shoes and similar features. The icons on the reels in Bowled Over Slots include symbols like Bowling Shoes, Bowling Alley Snacks and a Female Bowler in addition to playing card icons Nine through Ace. The wild symbol in the game is depicted by the Bowling Pins, and in addition to acting as a substitute to help players create winning combinations on the reels, this icon expands to cover the entire reel anytime it can complete a win; this wild also provides offers a 2x multiplier on any win that it generates, making it a lucrative symbol, indeed. Bowled Over Slots also features a bonus scatter symbol in the form of a Bowling Ball and a Free Spins Logo scatter symbol that will trigger free rounds of the game.

How to Classify Bowled Over Slots

The Bowled Over Slots game may be classified as a 5-reel video slot with a bonus round, and as previously mentioned, the game is part of the exciting i-Slots series. While this information won’t mean much to new players, those who have spent any amount of time playing casino slots will realize that these facts may the game a good one, despite the fact that it cannot boast a progressive jackpot.

Paylines and the Paytable

There are 20 paylines in Bowled Over Slots, and gamblers wager on any number of lines that they choose. We recommend that gamblers always play the maximum number of paylines in order to vastly improve their odds of a win on the reels; that said, players with budgetary concerns may wish to lower the coin size selected in order to make covering every payline a bit more feasible. The paytable may be located in the top, left hand corner of the game screen, and this is where players can come to identify potential winning combinations in the game, learn about the bonus features, checkout the payline structure and read the rules of the game. Perhaps the most thrilling thing that users will find in the paytable is the fact that scoring three, four or five Male Bowlers on the reels will offer a jackpot of 150, 1,500 or 3,000 coins, respectively.

Betting Options in Bowled Over Slots

Real-money players are going to be pleased to learn that they have plenty of wagering options on the reels in Bowled Over Slots. Coin sizes in the game range from $0.01 to $0.25 per line, and gamblers may bet up to 10 coins per payline; regardless of coin, size gamblers will want to maximize their chance of a big win by playing all 10 coins on all 20 paylines. Assuming players follow this formula, they will be spending anywhere between $2.00 and $50.00 per spin in Bowled Over Slots.

Cashing in on Free Spins and Bowling Pins

Bonus rounds are typically any gambler’s favorite part of slot play, and this holds true in Bowled Over Slots. While gamers will love the free spins feature in the title, they’ll also like the more traditional approach to the bonus round. Read on to learn more or head to your favorite Rival-powered casino today to learn more.
  • Three or more Free Spins Logo icons anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins bonus round in Bowled Over Slots. Gamblers who land three, four or five of these important icons anywhere on the reels will score themselves 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 20 free spins with a 3x multiplier or 40 free spins with a 4x multiplier, respectively. This is a fun and fantastic way to score a little extra gaming cash.
  • The Bowling Bonus Round will initiate when gamers score themselves three Bowling Ball icons anywhere on the reels. While this feature is a lot fun, it must be triggered for gamblers to realize its full potential; suffice it to say that a full frame game of bowling in exchange for cash prizes awaits those lucky players who land the correct triggering combination. Don’t miss your chance to play.

RTP and Slot Ratings

The return-to-player, commonly referred to as the game’s RTP, in Bowled Over Slots comes in at 96 percent. While this number suggests that the game returns $96 out of every $100 spent on it, this aggregate number should be considered from the widest-possible perspective; in other words, individual players wagering $100 will not necessarily see $96 in payouts, making it important to stick to a responsible gaming budget, regardless of RTP. While Bowled Over seems to have a fair number of fans, the solidly designed slot title is not vastly popular. Regardless of how highly players have rated the game, however, it does provide great entertainment and a fair chance of taking home that big win every gambler dreams of.

Real-Money and Fun Play Available

A wide range of reputable casinos feature Rival Gaming software and Bowled Over Slots, making it possible for many players to check out the title at their favorite online gaming establishment. While real-money play typically requires a deposit or at least a no-deposit bonus, those searching for a chance to simply cash in on great entertainment for free will love spinning the reels in “Fun” or “Practice Play” mode. Those taking advantage of such free play opportunities can typically do so for an unlimited amount of time, which is perfect for gamblers who are just spinning the reels for the joy of doing so or playing in preparation for cash play.

Winning Potential in Bowled Over Slots

In order to gain a realistic view of potential wins in Bowled Over Slots, we played 100 spins in the game at a total bet of $20 per spin with a starting bankroll of $2,000. Noteworthy results of this experiment included three instances of the expanded wild appearing to complete winning combinations, one instance of the Bowling Bonus Round that netted us a quick $500 win and no occurrences of the free spins feature. After the Bowling Bonus Round, our bankroll was $1,628, and the biggest normal wins we encountered were on the 66th and 92nd spins, which came in at $80 and $72, respectively. The final bankroll total at the end of 100 spins was $1,124. Many spins garnered small wins that were just to one side or the other of the $20 wager; this suggests that players who have the patience to stick with Bowled Over Slots have the potential to cash in on some pretty amazing wins if they hang around long enough.

Mobile Play Unavailable

Unfortunately, Bowled Over Slots is not available for mobile play on devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. While this likely has to do with the age of the game, the Bowling Bonus Round could be a little tricky on a small screen, making it undeniably better to cash in on the game on a computer screen. Don’t miss your chance to play Bowled Over Slots from Rival today.